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Los Angeles County DNA Testing Services

451 locations provide DNA Testing Services in Los Angeles County, California.

Seeking a DNA test lab in Los Angeles County? Along with providing DNA tests, these Los Angeles County locations may also test for paternity, ancestry, heritage, and ethnicity. Select a test center below to find out what services they provide, where they are located in California, and how to schedule a lab appointment.

100 Plaza Clinical Lab Metro Biological Lab
1st Care Clinical Lab Michael N Koss MD
21st Century Diagnostic Laboratory Microbiological S Applied
A B C Laboratories Millennium Mobile Diagnostic
A National MRI Centers Miller Medical Laboratories
Abacus Business Corporation Group Mink Radiologic Imaging Medical Associates
Abacus Business Corporation Group Main St Miracle Mile Open MRI & Diagnostic Center
ABC American Bion Clinical Lab Miracor Diagnostics
ABC Laboratories Miracor Diagnostics South St
Abenas Agency Mobile Diagnostic Solutions
Abiocode Mobile Express Ultrasound Imaging
Accatur Mobile MRI
Accatur Diagnostics II Modern Diagnostic Medical Services
Accelerated Clinical Trials Modern Imaging
Accu Bio Chem Laboratories Momentum Biosciences
Accudiagnostics Morelia Medical Clinic
Actca MRI Distribution
Advanced Diagnostics Ms Diagnostic Laboratory
Advanced X-Ray Myoneurodiagnostics
Affiliated Pathologists Medical Group Myra Chason-Marx
Affiliated Pathology Medical Group National Cyto Path Laboratories
Affiliated Pathology Medical Group National Genetics Institute
Afterglow Diagnostic Neurohealth Diagnostics
Agre New Age Imaging
Akian Aret MD NMR Spectroscopy Laboratory
Alpha Clinical Laboratory Northridge Diagnostic Center
American Clinical Reference Company NRI Clinical Research
American Environmental Testing Nuclear Medicine Outpatient Clinic
American Veterinary Laboratory Ocean Medical Family and Urgen
AMG Diagnostic Omnipathology Solutions Medica
Arcadia MRI and Imaging Center Open System MRI
Arcadia Neurology Center Optics Laboratory
Arcadia Pathology Med Group Optima Diagnostic Imaging
Ashley Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Oris Exam Services
Ashley Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Osiris Diagnostic Drug Testing & Consulting
Ashley's Diagnostic Clinical Lab Overnight Diagnostics
Assisted Reproductive Technologies P V C H Clinical Laboratory
Asssociates in Clinical Therapy Pacheco F Santos MD
Autopsy Post Services Pacific Oaks Medical Group
Axis Diagnostic Pacific Oaks Medical Group
Balance Dream Diagnostic Pacific Toxicology
Bed Pathology Services Pacific Toxicology Laboratories
Best Solution Imaging Pain Free Diagnostics
Beverly Hills Diagnostic Imaging Parasites Unlimited
Beverly Hills Group Laborato Partners for Healthy Kids
BHI Diagnostics Pasadena Bioscience Collaborative
Big Nana Pasadena Cyto Pathology Laboratory
Bio Medical Clinical Lab Pasteur
Bio-Diagnostics Laboratories Pathmd
Bio-Diagnostics Laboratories Pathology
Biocorp Clinical Lab Pathology
Biocorp Clinical Lab Pathology Associates
Biological Laboratory Pathology Associates of Southe
Biopath Pathology Medical Group
Biopath Clinical Laboratory Pathway Diagnostics Corporation
Body Diagnostic Imaging Patient Clinical Analysis Technology
Body Sync Peace of Mind Paternity
Bone Clones Perinatal Diagnostic Center
Brand Diagnostic Center Pharmtox
Breakthru Clinical Trials Physician Service Laboratory
Burbank Open MRI Physicians Diagnostic Reference
Burlington Safety Laboratory Physicians Immunodiagnostic Laboratory
C M G Clinical Laboratory and Ancillary Services Physicians Immunodiagnostic Laboratory
C Ton Laboratories Physicians' Pathology Services
C&K Lab Services Platinum Global Diagnostics
California Center for Clinical Research Platinum Neurodiagnostics
California Clinical Trials Polypeptide Laboratories
California Diagnostic Lab Precise Imaging
Cardiac Imaging Services Precise MRI
Cardiac Ultrasound Precision Clinical Laboratories
Care Bio Clinical Precision Imaging Plus
Cedar Sinai Med Center Facility Anatomic Pathology Prime Diagnostic
Cellectgen Primex Clinical Lab
Central Coast Clinical Lab Primex Clinical Laboratories
Central Diagnostic Imaging Protabit
Central Reference Laboratory Protzel Richard MD
Century City Cardiac Lab Providence Clinical Research
Century Clinical De La Mujer Providence Imaging and Breast
Cerf Diagnostics Psychemedics Corporation
Cerf Diagnostics Q Metrx
Cerritos Reference Lab Quality Imaging Diagnostics
Certified Clinical Hypnotherpy Quest Diagnostics
Childrens Hospital Los Angeles Quest Diagnostics
Clinical Dental De Santa Quest Diagnostics
Clinical Gold Research Quest Diagnostics
Clinical Lab Services Quest Diagnostics
Clinical Laboratory of Beverly Hills Quest Diagnostics
Clinical Research Alliance Quest Diagnostics
Clinical Support Services Quest Diagnostics
Clinical Trials & Research Quest Diagnostics
Clinico Quest Diagnostics
Clinico Quest Diagnostics
Cogent Diagnostic Laboratories Quest Diagnostics
Comfort Style Quest Diagnostics
Consultant Pathologist's Clinical Laboratories Quest Diagnostics
Consultants for Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Quest Diagnostics
Cynthia Mayer Quest Diagnostics
David K Quon MD Quest Diagnostics
Debra Kessler Psyd Quest Diagnostics
Dermatopathology Institute Quest Diagnostics
Diagnostic Laboratories Quest Diagnostics
Diagnostic Laboratories Quest Diagnostics
Diagnostic Laboratories Quest Diagnostics
Diagnostic Labs Quest Diagnostics
Diamond Reference Quest Diagnostics
Dickey Healthtech Laboratories Quest Diagnostics
Dignity Health Quest Diagnostics
Dm Clinical Collaborations Quest Diagnostics
Doctors Diagnostic Medical Center Quest Diagnostics
Doctors Lab of Valley Quest Diagnostics
Dr George S Haley Clinical Quest Diagnostics
Dr Robert Stein Quest Diagnostics
Duz Mor Diagnostic Laboratory Quest Diagnostics
Dynamic Diagnostic Imaging Center Quest Diagnostics
Dynamic Upright MRI Quest Diagnostics 3rd St
E K Speech Pathology Research Quest Diagnostics Badillo St
East Valley Hematology Oncology Medical Group Quest Diagnostics Century Park
Edmond Lee Dpm Quest Diagnostics Chevy Chase Dr
Ekiden Quest Diagnostics Downey Ave
Emerald Mobile Phlebotomy Service Quest Diagnostics Fair Oaks Ave
Encore Diagnostic Quest Diagnostics Green St
Endeavour Diagnostics Quest Diagnostics Nichols Institute
Endocrine Sciences Quest Diagnostics Wilshire Blvd
Environment Microbiology Lab Quest Diagnostics Wilshire Blvd
Epidiomic Diagnostica Radnet
Episona Radnet
Experienced Vascular Imaging Radnet
Express Reliable Diadnostc Rational Therapeutics
Exquisite Dental Technology Ray Sze Wai Ng MD
Ferraco Recovery Care Services
Ferraco Recovery Now Licensed Clinical
Fetal Diagnostic Center Rem Sleep Diagnostics
Fidelis Diagnostics Reproductive Technology Labratories
Foot Technologies Rg Diagnostic
Foundation Lab Rheumatology Diagnostics Lab
Foundation Laboratories Richard Fink
G&L Realty Rymk Labs
Gail M Humble MD San Vicente Pediatric Med
Gatalyst Speech Language Santa Clarita Neurofeedback
GCC Imaging Satellite Health Care
Gene Therapy Research Institute Scherrer Laboratories
Geneticas Life Sciences Sharp Laboratory
Genzyme Corporation Shivdyal Singh MD
Gi Tech Sinoglyco
Glendale Sleep Disorders Center SL Serivces Ofer Levav
Global Sleep Sleep Cloud
Goradia Smyth Drive Imaging
Green Century Bio Science Group USA Somnomedix Corporation
Harold Rose MD South Bay Clinical Associates
Health Care Provider Laboratories South Coast Medical Associates
Hemacare Donor Center Southwest Medical Imaging
Hemediagnostics Specialty Laboratories
Hollywwod Imaging & Diagn Spectra Clinical Laboratories
Hygiea Laboratories Spectra Clinical Labs
Imaging Services St. Francis Medical Center of Lynwood Development Corporation
Immunospec Corporation Stim Diagnostic
Impact Clinical Trials Sun Clinical Lab
Impressive Diagnostics Sun Clinical Lab
Innovative Clinical Sun Clinical Lab 11
Insight Health Sun Clinical Laboratories
Insight Health Sun Clinical Laboratories
Insight Health Sun Clinical Laboratories
Insight Health Sun Clinical Laboratories
Insight Health Sunset Diagnostic Center
Insight Health Synergic Bio Chem
Insight Health Corp Balboa Blvd T Bensyl Corporation
Institute for Clinical Taurus West
Inter Science Institute Theodore Moore
International Diagnostics TL-Systems
International Mercantile Enterprises Tony Nguyen MD
Interscope Pathology Medical Group Torrance Labcorp
J & H Clinical Laboratory Total Imaging & Open MRI
Jann Six Transpath
Jay Vee Lab Services Travel Tech Mohs Services
JGM Clinical Turner Parasitology
Juniper Labortories U S D Imaging
K&T Diagnostic Ulf Lando MD
Kalyani Practice of Randaria Ultra Imaging Services
Kan Di Ki Unicare Laboratory
Kan-Di-Ki Unilab Corporation
Kehila Shatnez Lab Unilab Corporation
Kilikia Unilab Corporation
KRG Diagnostic Unilab Corporation
La Clinical Trials Unilab Corporation
La MRI Center Unilab Corporation
La Palma Open MRI Unilab Corporation
Lab All Unilab Corporation
Lab One Unilab Corporation
Lab Services Unilab Corporation
Labcorp Unilab Corporation
Labcorp Unilab Corporation
Labcorp Unilab Corporation
Labcorp Unilab Corporation
Labcorp Unilab Corporation
Labcorp Unilab Corporation 3rd St
Labcorp Unilab Corporation Century Park
Labcorp Unique Clinical Lab
Labcorp United Clinical Laboratory
Labcorp United Technologies Corporation
Laboratories Medicine Consultants United Westlabs
Laboratory Services United Westlabs
Labwest United Westlabs
Labwest United Westlabs McBean Pkwy
Lambda Laboratorio University of Southern California Health Services
Laragen Valencia Sleep Diagnostic Center
Latara Enterprise Valley Imaging Partnership Medical Group
LCA Valley Medical Imaging
Liber Diagnostics Valley Vascular Imaging
Liquid Genomics Vedc Laboratory
Living Hope Clinical Foundation Vital Scan
Livingwell Medical Clinic Waterdance
Los Angeles Imaging Center Wellcare Sleep Center
Lotus Clinical Research Wesca Laboratories
Lucid Sleep West Coast Clinical Labor
Maharlika Medical Laboratory West Coast Clinical Labs
Mark Fairfield Western Analytical Testing Laboratory
Max W Chiou MD Western Health Sciences
MCS Clinical Trials Western Health Sciences
Med Science Center Western Health Sciences
Medical Clinical Laboratories Western Imaging
Medical Diagnostic Associates Westside Dialysis
Medical Imaging Services Whitefield Medical Laboratory
Medical Vision Systems Whitefield Medical Laboratory
Meduvision Woo-Sung Ahn MD
Memorial Kerry Imaging Center Woodland Imaging
Metic II